Simple ways WordPress helps you build a strong business.

Simple ways WordPress helps you build a strong business.


The most common way for a web designer/developer to build a business around WordPress is to offer web design services specializing in WordPress CMS sites. Your applicant base would be businesses, management and individuals looking to authorize a web existence with a user-friendly way to update and manage their site content.

Like any consultancy, this business model is time-based. Either you charge an hourly rate or quote flat activity fees that are derived by estimating the measure of time a project will take. While a time-based model may be more difficult to scale, there are two factors that allow you to gradually raise your rates: your skill level and the demand for your services. Both should improve naturally as your consultancy progresses.

A business website will help you stay aggressive in a fast-growing collective world. The website discovers an online presence for your business and boosts its reach to a large number of client. It will help you build a better accord with your customers, increase sales, and promote your company in a less valuable way.

Once you have your domain name, you’ll need to purchase web hosting for your website. This provides a place on the internet for people to be able to access your website. Shared hosting can be found at a very low cost nowadays and this should suffice if you have a low traffic website. If your site does start to drive a lot of visits, then you can always upgrade your hosting in the future. If you are not sure whether shared hosting is the right choice for you, then you can read more about the various WordPress hosting options here.

Here is an overview from start to finish of all the steps we’ll walk you through in this guide.


       How to find and register a domain name for free

       choosing the best web hosting

       How to install WordPress

       installing a template to change your site’s design

       Creating pages in WordPress

       Customizing WordPress with addons and extensions

       Resources to learn WordPress and get support

       taking it further, building websites with more features

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