Do you really need a Responsive Website for your Brand?

Do you really need a Responsive Website for your Brand?


In today’s World, people have the approach to more advice than ever before and it’s all because of the Internet. But, people are no tall just searching the web on a desktop – they are using laptops, smartphones, tablets, and even smart TVs. Do you know what that means? It means that your website will be viewed from all particular instruments and therefore you need to ensure that the design is responsive.


As more people are an introduction to use mobile devices, like smartphones and tablets, for every task that used to be only proficient on the desktop, one thing has become clear: mobile is taking over Internet surfing. And, it’s not even just surfing. It’s everything from browsing social media outlets, checking emails and doing some online shopping.

What Is Responsive Design?

Responsive web design is an approach to creating a website that allows it to work on any device; whether it’s a mobile phone, tablet, TV or a laptop.

Ever since people have been able to access the internet from their mobile phone, website owners have been creating ways to help the users better navigate their website on every device.

Many times you might have come across the sites which do not display properly on your mobile device. This is because that particular website is not responsive. Responsive web design is a way of designing a website so that it works on all devices such as a laptop, tablet or mobile. The websites resize themselves according to the different devices so users can easily navigate the sites on any of their devices.

Did you know that 62 percent of companies that designed a website definitely for mobile had increased sales?

Not only does have a responsive website help mobile users operate your website; it also development commitment and growth.

Responsive web design uses HTML, CSS and frequently JavaScript to change, shrink, grow, protect and show component based on the users’ device.

There are 3 main pieces to make your website responsive:

  • Fluid Layouts
  • Responsive Images
  • Media Queries



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  1. There are numbers of benefits of having a responsive web design that any user on any device can have the best experience possible to your website. the best benefit of having a responsive web design increases reach to customers on smaller devices and a consistent experience can increase lead generation, sales and conversions

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