Best Website Designing in New Friend Colony

About website designing

  • People use Facebook, Myspace, Yahoo, Google, and Twitter in their everyday life , from where these are came from and how were  they created and how they works? Website design is a process of classifying , combining codes and graphics into a text editor and combining these are displayed into web browser as one .

Good  web designs are  consist of

 Simple text   –  Simple  is the best. Over-designed or over righting can make your design look worst . having too many elements on the page can make the visitors confuse . the best key  of success is to keep your design as simple as possible that visitor can understand easily

  Easy loading – like simplicity visitors also not like the website that takes too much time to load. Before optimizing take care of  image sizes, and also compress HTML, JavaScript and CSS for less loading of the webpage.

Communication The important aim of the visitors are to get information, and if your website is strong enough  to communicate with your visitors  nicely ,so they would spend more time on the website for browsing.

 Easy Navigation –  visitors spend more time on the websites which are  having easy navigation system. For good  navigation you must create a logical page.

Bad web designs are  consist of

Website Text  Many people thinks that  have graphics ,colors, pixels etc.. are all about web designing  ,people should know that this things are secondary . people should know that text is the primary thing in web designing . we should always keep in mind that text is one of the key point in web designing.

 Bad Website Navigation – Navigation is also one of the most important key  element in web designing . A good navigation always makes a good browsing experience. If the user  experience bad navigation, then  they will not remain active for long time period.

Website Backgrounds –as we all heard that first impression is the last impression like this  Background also gives the first expression in website. Many users leave the site very quickly, when they found a wrong  background.

 Images –images speak more louder than words. Unnessasary use of images can  take in a very big trouble that you would can’t think  . If you are very high-quality images, without compression, then it will increase your loading time which is not good for your web site

Few  Features of Well-Built Web Design



2.Web Content  

 3.User-friendly Navigation

 4.Webpage Speed or loading speed  .

5.Web Compatibility

Few well know web designing companies in new friends colonies are


  1. Scaledesk  Web Studio
  2. HostOne -The Web Designing And Development Company In New Friends Colony
  3. Kash Web Tech
  4. Arnav Infosoft Private Limited



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